Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token: Where to Find and How it Works

After weeks of speculation surrounding the Season 3 Reloaded update and what Raven Software has in store, Warzone players are gearing up for the latest mid-season update to hit the battle royale. Season 3 Reloaded includes the arrival of an Underground Transit System but perhaps a more significant addition is the Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token.

The Token may seem familiar to long-time Warzone players that already know the benefits of possessing one during a match. For those that don't, the Redeploy Extraction Token is one of the rarest but most useful pieces of equipment in the entire battle royale.

As expected, many will want to get their hands on a Redeploy Extraction Token during Season 3 Reloaded. Find out how to get a Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token and how it works in this guide containing all there is to know.

What Is a Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token?

In a recent blog post, Raven Software gives players an insight as to how the Redeploy Extraction Token works during a match. If you find a Token, it gives you an automatic redeploy if you're eliminated. What's even better is that there's no need to enter the Gulag or for your teammates to spend any Cash to buy you back.

The Token doesn't work once the Gulag has shut its doors but if you manage to make it into the latter stages of a match without an opponent knocking you to the ground, you'll receive a Cash reward as some compensation.

While they're an incredibly useful piece of equipment to possess, the chances of finding one are slim due to their immense rarity.

Image of a Warzone Redeploy Token from a Supply Crate
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Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token Locations

Just like most extremely rare items in Warzone, it's likely the Redeploy Extraction Token will feature as a reward for completing Contracts in addition to appearing in orange Supply Crates that have a higher chance of dishing out high-tier loot.

The Supply Crates and Contracts appear all over Caldera so be sure to complete a nearby Bounty or Scavenger objective for a chance of earning the coveted Token.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone Redeploy Extraction Token. It's likely the Token will play a huge role in influencing the overall pace of a match so be aware if you happen to find one on the ground.

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