Warzone Redacted Weapons: What Are They And Where Can They Be Found?

The addition of Iron Trials to Warzone has proven to be a hit amongst the community. The mode features several changes to the standard battle royale playlists, including an increase in health, more expensive Loadout Drops, and the restriction of Dead Silence and Stopping Power Rounds. With Season 6 around the corner, many members of the community are hoping that the limited-time mode will reappear at some point during the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era.

One addition that Raven Software didn't mention was regarding an all-new rarity of weapon known as "Redacted." With that said, what are Redacted weapons in Warzone and where can they be found?

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Warzone Redacted Weapon Rarity

Warzone Redacted Weapons
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Considering that the Redacted weapon rarity surpasses that of Legendary weapons that can be found by opening Supply Crates and searching through Verdansk's many buildings. What makes this particular rarity so unique is that each weapon comes equipped with a total of eight attachments rather than five, giving you an advantage over the opposition.

How To Find Redacted Weapons

There's no need to complete an elaborate Easter Egg or go through a Red Door to get your hands on one of these elusive weapons. Redacted weapons sometimes appear amongst the usual set of ground loot along with the orange Supply Crates that can be found all over the map. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you work your way around Verdansk.

An interesting theory on Redacted weaponry has also emerged since their addition to Warzone. Some players have suggested that Raven Software could be testing the performance of weapons with more attachments equipped, implying that this could be a widespread change coming soon.

Until then, Redacted weapons are only available as part of the Iron Trials mode, so drop into the action to get your hands on one!

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