Warzone Players Request Solo Modes For Rebirth Island

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Season 5 of Warzone is well underway, and solo players are particularly dissatisfied with the content currently provided by the game, urging for a change to Rebirth Island’s solo experience. According to them, the island map is a perfect environment for quick solo mode games.

Warzone players have never been shy of being vocal about the changes they would like to see in the game, this time around wanting the addition of Rebirth Solos to the battle royale game.


The main issue players have with Rebirth Island solos is the unavailability of a well-defined playlist for a mode that has been a staple for Verdansk. Rebirth Island has become an escape for the majority of the players wanting to escape the agitating amount of cheaters prevalent in the battle royale.

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In the Redditor's post on a potential solo playlist, one of Rebirth Island's main strengths is that it isn't "infested with cheaters" like Verdansk. also adding that the addition of the new map will provide a counter to the biggest problem on Verdansk: the boring, long periods of players running to get in the zones without much combat taking place. At the moment, players who want to play Rebirth Island solo have to drop into Trios or Quads on their own.


The Reddit post has some interesting replies, with a Redditor chiming in “I think just having the same options as Verdansk would be awesome. Have a “Rebirth Island” playlist with solos, duos, trios, quads. Whether it’s mini royal or resurgence I just want options.”

Raven Software has proven in the past that it does listen to the players’ demands and tries to align their vision to the player’s vision as well for continuous harmony. While it remains to be seen if this playlist gets passed, there's still a chance that Rebirth players can eventually get what they want.