Warzone Cheaters Flooding Game With Unreleased Camouflages

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Whether it's aimbots or wallhacks, the ongoing battle between Activision, Raven Software, and Warzone hackers shows no signs of slowing down, much to the annoyance of the community which is already looking elsewhere to get their fix of battle royale action. Despite the best efforts of the publisher and developer, players are continuing to have their games ruined by hackers putting a premature end to their time in Verdansk and Rebirth Island

While most hackers are looking to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition, some are beginning to implement a range of weapon camouflages that have been heavily requested from the often-vocal community.


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Warzone Dark Aether Camo Hack

Warzone Dark Aether Camouflage

Encountering cheaters over the course of a Warzone match is nothing new but seeing ones that are equipped with items that have yet to be released is certainly a sight to behold. During a stream, pro Warzone player Repullze fell victim to a cheater and as they were aimlessly spraying at the ground while eliminating players, he noticed that they were using Dark Aether camouflage on their weapon.


The possibility of the camos from Black Ops Cold War Zombies making an appearance in Warzone has been often talked about, with Raven Software stating that it is "aware" of the request. In July, a leaker managed to uncover the camos within the Warzone files, heavily suggesting that an official release isn't too far away.

When Will Dark Aether Camos Come To Warzone?

Even though that hackers have managed to equip the camos onto their own weapons and with leakers managing to find them within Warzone's files, an official release date for the camos has yet to be confirmed by Activision or Raven Software. Perhaps they will arrive as part of Season 5? We will have to wait and see.