Warzone Rebirth Island Keycards: Where to Find and Potential Rewards

Throughout the history of Warzone, players have discovered a range of Easter Eggs and potential teasers for what future chapters of the battle royale has in store. Keycards have played a significant role in uncovering various pieces of information and following the launch of the Season 2 Reloaded update, the cards have appeared on the reworked version of Rebirth Island.

Often used to access areas of the map full of high-tier loot and Cash, searching for the keycards and the areas they unlock can turn the tide of a match in your favour. With three cards to find, there's plenty of choice.

Finding which room or building the keycards unlock can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, we've spent some time searching Rebirth Island for all the answers. Find all Rebirth Island keycard locations and the rewards in this handy guide packed with everything you need to know.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Keycards
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Warzone Forgotten Keycard


The Forgotten keycard is hidden in the basement showers at the Bioweapon Labs point of interest (POI). Enter the building and head down the stairs into a room containing chemical barrels and showers. Interact with the "Turn on the Shower" prompt that appears.

Once complete money will rain down from the showerhead along with the Forgotten keycard.


Once you've grabbed the keycard, head back to the Stronghold POI and open the lockbox furthest to the right. Once open, you'll get your hands on a Specialist Token and Loadout Drop marker in addition to an exclusive Calling Card.

Rebirth Island Perseus Keycard
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Warzone Perseus Keycard

The Perseus keycard is the most straightforward to find on Rebirth Island. It's not too far away from Stronghold but expect plenty of opposition when attempting to find it.


The keycard is inside the building next to the Nova 6 Factory on the eastern side of the island. Enter the building and the card is on top of a small shelf. Thanks to its short distance from Stronghold, head back there to claim the reward!


Place the keycard in the lockbox on the left-hand side. Once the Stronghold has accepted the card, an Advanced UAV and a huge pile of Cash will appear.

Use the Advanced UAV to see the locations of every single player for a short period of time and spend the Cash however you see fit!

Rebirth Island Vikhor Keycard
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Warzone Vikhor Keycard

The third and final keycard available on Rebirth Island is known as Vikhor's. Perhaps the hardest one to find, the rewards are certainly worth the effort.


The card is inside the Headquarters POI. Head to the unlocked vault door and make your way into the bunker. The keycard will be on top of the table. The bunker also contains the infamous Red Room weapon blueprint so pick it up if you've not got it already.


Once you've returned to the Stronghold, place it in the final lockbox to earn a free Loadout Drop marker worth $10K and another pile of Cash. Free loadouts don't come around often in Warzone so call it in as soon as possible to make an impact with a weapon of your choice.

For more Warzone intel, check out all there is to know about Weapon Trade Stations and how to operate the all-new Communications Tower on Rebirth Island!

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