Alcatraz Video Showcases Rebirth Island Accuracies

Since arriving in Warzone in December 2020, the community has often preferred the close-quarters chaos of Rebirth Island to the battlegrounds of Verdansk and the Pacific island of Caldera.

Initially added as a tribute to Blackout's Alcatraz map, the immense popularity of Rebirth Island has caused it to become a mainstay of the battle royale due to its more hectic nature and a smaller number of bugs and glitches impacting players.

We know that Rebirth Island is based on the small island off the coast of San Fransisco, but a recent video comparing the two has shown that the Warzone map is surprisingly accurate to the real-life location.

Warzone Rebirth Island Real-Life Comparison
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Rebirth Island Alcatraz Comparison

Featuring everything ranging from a lighthouse and water tower overlooking the main Penitentiary building in the centre of the island, Alcatraz is famous for its notoriously cold waters and strong currents that made it impossible for inmates to escape.

To highlight just how accurate Rebirth Island is, Reddit user 'yoursofunny' posted a video revealing that there's very little difference between the two.

The shot-by-shot comparison of the two locations goes to show the immense level of detail the developers have managed to achieve, especially in areas such as the harbour and the factory. One commenter claims that "Rebirth Island has got to go down as one of the best maps that COD ever created," and it's clear to see why many think the same.

Why Is Rebirth Island So Good?

The small nature of the map is the main strength of Rebirth Island compared to the larger size of Caldera. With a smaller map, engagements are more frequent and the overall pace of the game is much faster which appeals to Call of Duty players.

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