Raven Software Confirms Present Day Verdansk Is Never Returning

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Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing after the highly anticipated nuke event revealed a brand-new iteration of Verdansk set in the 1980s. The new map set in 1984 features new points of interest alongside a number of significant changes to existing areas of the map.

It's not just a new map that has arrived as part of the new season. New Operators and weapons have also arrived into the battle royale along with another dose of weapon balancing in order to spice up the existing metagame.

As players begin to explore the new-look Verdansk, some are wondering whether we will ever see the version of Verdansk set in the present day making a return to the battle royale.

For fans of the old map, it's bad news.

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Present Day Verdansk Is Never Returning

Will Old Verdansk Ever Return To Warzone
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According to Raven Software's Creative Director, the likelihood of the old map making a return are non-existent. "It's gone and never coming back," they said.

While this may be disappointing news for fans of the old map, there are a number of features as to why the new iteration of Verdansk could be even better than the first.

Warzone publisher Activision says that the new map has been optimised in order to ensure players have the smoothest experience possible.

"Nearly every building, surface, and object has been touched to provide a more seamless gameplay experience" says the publisher which has experienced incredible success since the release of Warzone across the world.

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Could It Return?

Although all signs point towards the old map never returning, there's always a chance that another large-scale event could bring it back depending on what the event entails.

With no epic event likely to appear for several months, modern-day Verdansk is no more and 1984 Verdansk is here to stay.

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