Raven Software Nerfs Warzone Radar Jammer

Image showing Warzone players fighting on cargo ship
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players fighting on cargo ship
Credit: Activision

The Radar Jammer Field Upgrade made its debut as part of the Warzone Season 3 update. The ability to block the radar of any nearby opposition is hugely effective in situations where evading enemies is difficult.

Although the Radar Jammer continues to have an impact on Caldera, its huge radius covered the vast majority of Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep.

As the start of Season 4 Reloaded nears, Raven Software continues to make adjustments to the battle royale. Following another nerf to the NZ-41 assault rifle, the developer announces it has adjusted the Radar Jammer to function on the smaller battlefields.

Warzone Radar Jammer Nerfed

In a July 13, 2022 Tweet, Raven Software says it "pushed a small update to reduce the radius of Radar Jammers by 20% on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island."

Instead of covering a vast area of the minimap, the Field Upgrade will cover less ground on the two maps making them less effective.

Although the change is a positive one, some players believe the developer hasn't gone far enough.

Warzone content creator and former Call of Duty world champion Tyler "TeeP" Polchow claims they're "getting jammed way too often" and suggests a reduction in drop rate for even more balance.

The developer confirms it's keeping an eye on player feedback meaning there's a chance of further adjustments to the Radar Jammer in future updates.

Adjusting the Radar Jammer will improve gameplay on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island.

Relying on the minimap is hugely important when it comes to keeping track of your surroundings over the course of a match. While they can still interfere with your surroundings, the smaller radius won't cause as many problems.

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