Warzone Prime Gaming: How To Redeem Loot and Vanguard Rewards

Warzone often provides players with an opportunity to get their hands on some free in-game items. Whether it's a token gesture or through a bundle, there's plenty of content to access without having to spend a single penny. Since the release of Vanguard and the integration of the game into Warzone, Prime Gaming often releases exclusive content to use across both titles.

With Season 2.5 on the horizon, Prime Gaming has unveiled the latest bundle for players to claim. Like previous bundles, the Strategic Assault bundle contains a number of items ranging from Calling Cards to exclusive Operator Skins.

The process of claiming the items is incredibly straightforward. With that said, find out how to claim the latest free Prime Gaming Warzone bundle in this handy guide.

Warzone Prime Gaming
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Warzone Prime Gaming Bundle

Fans of Warzone and Vanguard may recognise this particular bundle available through Prime Gaming. The Strategic Assault bundle previously appeared within the in-game store at a cost of 1800 COD Points.

Containing an Epic Operator Skin for Constanze in addition to a Legendary assault rifle blueprint, the bundle also features two Calling Cards and weapon charms to further customise your weapon of choice.

How To Claim Warzone Prime Gaming Bundle

As mentioned earlier, it's really easy to obtain the latest Prime Gaming bundle for Warzone and Vanguard. Before we reveal how, you must be an Amazon Prime member and have Twitch and Activision accounts linked to it.

If you're not a member, you can make the most of a 30-day free trial to claim the content.

  1. Head to the Call of Duty offer page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Claim Now."
  3. Log in to your Prime account.
  4. Select "Continue" to link your Activision account. This won't apply to those that have already linked their accounts so skip a few steps ahead.
  5. Link your Activision account by clicking "Go to Activision." Authorise Prime Gaming to fulfill content addition.
  6. Select "Complete Claim."

When complete, load into Warzone or Vanguard and the content will be available to use.

Warzone Prime Gaming Strategic Assault Bundle
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Warzone Strategic Assault Bundle Content

Below is a full list of items included in the Strategic Assault bundle:

  • Epic ‘Desert Duelist’ Operator Skin
  • Epic ‘Diurnal’ Calling Card
  • Epic ‘Desert Ride’ Calling Card
  • Legendary ‘Gilded Enthusiasm’ Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic ‘Aviators’ Charm
  • Epic ‘Toy Helmet’ Charm
  • Common ‘Salesman’ Gesture
  • Rare ‘Twin Steel’ Emblem

Is The Warzone Prime Gaming Bundle Worth It?

If you're a fan of collecting cosmetics for your weapon arsenal and your favourite Operators, claiming the latest Warzone Prime Gaming bundle is certainly worth it. Considering the bundle is worth 1800 COD Points, it's a win-win situation for players.

As the seasons progress, more exclusive Prime Gaming bundles will appear so be sure to keep an eye on when the next one goes live and what content it will contain.

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