Warzone Portable Buy Station: Price and How To Use

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Raven Software has introduced a wealth of brand-new features and changes to Warzone as part of the Season 2 Reloaded update. Ranging from Communication Towers to increases in player health, the developer is intent on creating the ultimate Call of Duty battle royale.

Alongside the new features, players can get their hands on a Portable Buy Station after the update has gone live. The item enables players to purchase a variety of items including game-changing Killstreaks, Gas Masks, and the coveted Loadout Drop.

It's highly likely that Portable Buy Stations will become one of the more popular items available to purchase over the course of a Warzone match. With that said, find out all there is to know about the new item in this handy guide detailing its price and how to use them.

Warzone Portable Buy Station
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What Is A Portable Buy Station?

The Portable Buy Station is fairly self-explanatory. Rather than navigating your way to a set location on the map, the item allows you to drop a marker onto the ground. After a few seconds, a Buy Station will appear at your desired location.

The menu will contain all of the items available to purchase in a normal Buy Station, but the ability to call one in at any point during a match gives players the opportunity to turn the tide of a match in their favour. Before calling one in, it's worth noting that the map icon for a Portable Buy Station is different and could attract some unwanted attention so bear that in mind when deciding where to place it.

Warzone Portable Buy Station Price

Unlike a number of items within Warzone, the Portable Buy Station won't cost a penny to obtain. As a Legendary piece of loot, it's one of the rarest Field Upgrades to find over the course of a match meaning you'll need a little bit of luck to get your hands on one.

Considering the armoured trucks often drop high-tier loot, we recommend destroying one and hoping the game will drop one on the ground.

When Will Portable Buy Stations Come To Warzone?

Raven Software says Portable Buy Stations might not be available when Season 2 Reloaded launches on March 23. Instead, the developer states they might arrive at a later date that hasn't been revealed.

The inclusion of Portable Buy Stations opens the door for even more moments worthy of the highlight reel. Having the ability to call in a Buy Station in the final circle whether it's for improvised cover or to spend your remaining cash on some armour plates for the final duel is going to lead to a huge tactical shift.

Whether players embrace the new addition with open arms remains to be seen but if it's balanced then there's no reason why Portable Buy Stations won't slot into the Warzone meta with ease.

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