Warzone Players Urge For Combat Scout Perk Changes

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With the release of Warzone Season 6 right around the corner, the game has seen numerous updates and balance changes to the metagame. With these updates came the addition of the two Perks - Combat Scout and Tempered - with the first Perk temporarily highlighting an opponent.

The Combat Scout perk reveals the position of the enemies when shot for a short moment of time, thus being a massive nuisance to play against. Players aiming to score a win are often forced to choose Cold Blooded as one of their three Perks before queuing into a match.


With only three Perk slots available, trying to counter Combat Scout has become more difficult than ever, with many having to use the Perk in order to compete with the rest of the lobby.

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Warzone Combat Scout Changes


According to the stats from WZRanked, the Combat Scout has a pick rate of nearly 27%, making it one of the most popular Perks to use in Warzone. Due to how the Perk works, players are expressing their frustrations, deeming it to be overpowered.

Reddit user zfluffz posted the above clip of Combat Scout in action and added that the enemy player could not have avoided death in any way possible. “Being forced to pick one perk is unbalanced. Like how suppressors are OP because you are forced to use them on every single build, or how dead silence is OP because only one perk counters it.”, they said.

While some players disagree with this particular take, some are telling people to simply use Cold Blooded to counter Combat Scout. This choice is also annoying players as it's forcing them to use a Perk that they might not want to use when roaming Verdansk and Rebirth Island. It's currently unclear as to whether Raven Software will take the feedback on board but it will be interesting to see how the meta evolves with Season 6 on the horizon.