Warzone Player Makes Clone of Battle Royale To Evade Hackers

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With Season 6 of Warzone just right around the corner, players are looking forward to another season of post-launch content. The upcoming season will be the final one of the Black Ops Cold War era before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5th. The most recent ban wave saw Raven Software banning an astonishing 60,000 accounts from Warzone. Despite all this, hackers are still seen roaming throughout the maps without any fear

Warzone has always been known for hackers ruining the overall experience for other players. In a bid to evade hackers once and for all, one of the players decided to make their own version of the battle royale, complete with functioning Buy Stations and the notorious Roze Operator Skin.


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Warzone Player Makes His Own Clone In 48 Hours

Warzone players fighting in Verdansk

While many of the Warzone community is annoyed with the increase of cheaters in the game, 'Usman Siddiqui' created a Warzone clone in just 48 hours which looked quite realistic according to players that watched the video.


The player has uploaded a video on Youtube, showcasing how they made everything including the Warzone HUD, Supply Boxes, Buy Stations, and floor loot. They have also designed the bot enemies as Roze skins, which helps in getting payback on those annoying outfits that look invisible in many of Verdansk's buildings.

The entire Warzone community was full of praise for Usman, with one user even pitching in saying 'I’d play yours before I’d install Warzone again! LoL'. By the looks of this mod people really loved his idea and were surprised that it was created with only two days of work.

It's highly likely that this creation will fall victim to Activision's legal team, which is certainly a shame considering the creativity displayed by Usman.