Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale Mode: Vehicles, Weapons & Everything We Know

eSeason 1 of Warzone Pacific is right around the corner, and with the community patiently waiting to drop into Caldera for the very first time, Activision has unveiled a wealth of information surrounding the new era of the battle royale. Alongside the arrival of new guns and Operators, players will be able to jump into a brand-new mode known as Vanguard Royale.

The mode features several differences that separate it from the battle royale playlists that regularly feature in Warzone, including all-new vehicles and a focus on the Vanguard weapon arsenal that will be integrated at the start of the season. In this guide, find absolutely everything you need to know about Vanguard Royale in Warzone Pacific.

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Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale Mode

Warzone Pacific Vanguard Royale Game Mode
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A Call of Duty blog published on November 30th outlined some of the differences between standard Warzone battle royale matches and Vanguard Royale:

  • New Vehicles & Dogfighting: Players will be able to fly fighter planes in the skies above Caldera but with several AA guns located on the island, they can be shot down. There is also a range of new ground-based vehicles, including a Squad Transport vehicle that can transport you and your squadmates around the island with ease.
  • Vanguard Weapons: Loadouts in Vanguard Royale can only contain weapons from the Vanguard arsenal, which gives players the perfect opportunity to determine which could be part of the metagame.
  • Different Circle Collapses: The circle collapse has been changed to create a different pace along with the addition of an in-game event which will take place when each circle begins to close in.

Is Vanguard Royale Good?

We've yet to experience how Vanguard Royale plays in comparison to the traditional Warzone experience but we can say that the mode looks to be a great alternative for those wanting to master Vanguard's weapons before dropping into the standard BR playlists. It won't be too long before players begin sharing their thoughts and opinions.

That's absolutely everything we know about the Vanguard Royale mode in Warzone Pacific! For more intel, check out our Season 1 hub full of the latest news, leaks, and information.

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