Player Claims Warzone Pacific Storyline Makes No Sense

Image showing Warzone player shooting gun and standing in front of buy station
Credit: Activision

As Season 3 comes to a close and attention turns to the launch of Season 4, the Pacific era of Warzone continues to throw up all kinds of surprises to keep the game feeling fresh.

In addition to the new guns and weapons and Fortune's Keep map, the upcoming season sees Butcher arriving on an all-new island as the storyline takes yet another intriguing turn.

While many are confused by the constant twists and turns, one fan claims there is a reason behind the numerous changes ranging from snowy castles to the appearance of Godzilla.

Warzone Pacific Storyline Changes

The Pacific era came to fruition towards the end of Verdansk when Butcher appeared within an underground bunker. Since then, players visit Caldera, a snowy castle, and Fortune's Keep which replaces Rebirth Island for a short time.

Although some are annoyed with the map's disappearance, Reddit user 'Butterflychunks' is focusing on another shift in the storyline. They claim that the Season 4 trailer "doesn't really make sense" for a good reason.

The post reminds players that the Pacific story is Butcher telling a story from inside a Verdansk bunker following the successful brainwashing by Perseus during the Black Ops Cold War era.

Players justify the arrival of Godzilla and Kong because of the brainwashing, resulting in Butcher getting confused. It's a long shot but it's clear that the Warzone story is all over the place. The arrival of Fortune's Keep won't help either, adding another new location and no context surrounding how Butcher ended up there and how it ties into the secrets of Caldera.

With leaks suggesting the Pacific era ends with Season 5, it's unclear how Butcher's storyline comes to an end. Either way, many are curious to see its conclusion.

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