Warzone Pacific Has a Hidden Loot Cave Full of Secrets

There's something good behind the waterfall on Caldera. One player discovered a previously-hidden loot cave in Warzone Pacific with plenty of goods up for grabs and the suggestion of something even bigger in store.

Spartan 3319 made the discovery and posted a short video on TikTok showing where to look. It's in the middle of the river bisecting the Power Plant area (that's the southwestern edge of the island) and just south of the Plant itself. Head behind the waterfall and along a short passage, and you'll find cash, equipment, and more.

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Warzone Pacific Has a Hidden Loot Cave Full of Secrets

And probably more than one other competitor now that the cave is getting some publicity.

Spartan also discovered what they believe is a sealed bunker. There's only one purpose for a sealed bunker, and that's opening it. You can't do that yet, but presumably - assuming Spartan 3319 is correct - we'll be opening it in some kind of future Warzone event.

That likely won't be Festive Fervor though. We'll be surviving Krampus assaults in that, along with hunting elves because that's what Christmas is all about, of course.

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