Will Warzone Pacific Have a Console FOV Slider?

As the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific gets closer, many console players have been wondering whether the new era of the battle royale will feature contain a Field of View (FOV) slider for console players. The feature is a staple of the PC version of Warzone, but the slider that enables players to see more of the surrounding area has yet to be released on console, despite featuring in Vanguard.

Alongside the gameplay changes made by Raven Software along with the new guns and Operators set to arrive, the developer has shed light on the potential of a FOV slider appearing for consoles. With that said, will Warzone Pacific have a console FOV slider?

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Warzone Pacific Console FOV Slider

Warzone Pacific Console FOV Slider
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A FOV slider for consoles has been a heavily requested feature from players after they realised how much of an advantage PC players can obtain by changing it to their personal preference. On December 1st, Warzone creative director Ted Timmins took to Twitter to address the topic.

While Timmins didn't confirm a FOV slider would be making its way to Warzone Pacific, he did say that Raven Software is "aware" of the request, meaning it could well arrive as part of an upcoming update.

Will Console Warzone Players Get a FOV Slider?

Although Raven Software is aware of the demand for a console FOV slider for Warzone, it doesn't look like one will be arriving anytime soon unless the developer has some surprises in store once it releases the patch notes for the Season 1 update.

That's everything we know about a FOV slider for Warzone Pacific. For more news, check out our Season 1 hub containing all of the latest intel on the upcoming season.

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