21 Apr 2021 6:44 PM +00:00

One Call of Duty: Warzone Player Is Using A Piano As A Controller

Warzone players, do we need to talk? Are you all ok? First, we find you using the drums to get kills. Then, someone tried their luck with a recorder. A baguette soon followed, because of course it did. Now, with Season 3 of Warzone almost here, this orchestra is gradually assembling.

This time, we've got a piano player, Reddit user GroovieHoovie, uploading their kills and it makes for a pretty spectacular sight. That doesn't just include Warzone, either. They've uploaded separate footage for kills on Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

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One Call of Duty: Warzone Player Is Using A Piano As A Controller

Understandably, for a piano-based controller, movement does appear off at times, so GroovieHoovie explained how it works: "It looks like aimbot because I'm using button presses to aim, and my program doesn't have an option for smoother mouse movement. If u look at my right hand, I'm using D to look left, F to look right, G to look up and B to look down, along with C# and F# added to look left and right more quickly."


To practice with this setup, GroovieHoovie used an aim trainer called "KovaaK 2.0", working at improving his skills over a month. Though he now calls it a "terrible idea", he confirms they were able to "learn a lot and improve a decent amount from it", which has led to some spectacular results.