Nuke Calling Card Discovered In Warzone Game Files

The hype surrounding Warzone's in-game event taking place at the end of Season 2 is starting to build. The horde of undead keeps on visiting various locations around Verdansk and players are seeing emergency messages appearing on their screens on an increasingly regular basis.

Although there has never been an official announcement surrounding the event, it has been heavily rumoured to take place for some time after Black Ops Cold War was integrated into the battle royale at the beginning of Season 1.

With the current season coming to an end and several reports confirming an event will take place, further evidence that points towards an explosive ending to the current Verdansk map has been discovered within the files of the battle royale.

The item in question is a simple calling card.

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Warzone Nuke Calling Card

As part of a huge wave of leaks relating the upcoming event and the new map, Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks uncovered a calling card that appears to show the remains of Verdansk after it has been completely obliterated by a nuclear missile.

After an image of the calling card was removed, the leaker provided a brief summary of the card, stating that it looks "sick."

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A Potential Reward?

The leaker has also revealed that the in-game event taking place could be in two separate parts, meaning that the calling card could be some kind of reward for completing the first or second parts of the event.

It's likely that the calling card will be one of many rewards that will be up for grabs once players manage to complete both parts of the event set to take place on April 22nd.

The event will make way for a 1980s-themed Verdansk map complete with new points of interest, vehicles, and more.

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