No Recoil Krig 6 Warzone Attachments

The Krig 6 assault rifle joined the Warzone weapon arsenal as part of Black Ops Cold War’s integration into the battle royale at the start of Season 1.

The rifle provides unmatched levels of stability, making it a popular choice for passive players in multiplayer and a solid weapon to use in Warzone.

Season 2 is in full swing, and with a variety of attachments to select in the gunsmith, minimising recoil levels can prove to be tricky.

In this article, find the best set of attachments that will cause all recoil to disappear in an instant!

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No Recoil Krig 6 Warzone Attachments

No Recoil Krig 6 Warzone Attachments
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  • Agency Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 19.7” Ranger (Barrel)
  • STANAG 60 Rnd (Ammunition)
  • Microflex LED (Optic)
  • Bruiser Grip (Underbarrel)

This set of attachments eliminates all signs of recoil from the Krig 6, enabling you to take on targets from afar without the need to adjust your aim.

With no recoil and increases in damage range and bullet velocity, the Krig is exceptional for picking off targets in the vast open spaces of Verdansk.

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Is It The Best Weapon?

While the Krig 6 is certainly a solid weapon to select as part of your loadout, the lack of mobility is almost always the reason as to why players often stay away from this criminally underrated assault rifle.

With the likes of the CR-56 AMAX, Kilo 141, M4A1 and FFAR 1 currently dominating the Warzone metagame, it’s understandable to see the Krig overlooked but if any one of those weapons is on the receiving end of a hefty nerf, a space could well open up for the Krig 6.

What are your thoughts on the Krig 6 in Warzone? An underrated beast or another weapon to avoid? Let us know your opinions on Twitter!

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