Night Time Rebirth Island Mode Coming To Warzone

Since its arrival to Warzone, Rebirth Island has been a solid alternative for those that want a more constant stream of fast-paced action that Verdansk sometimes fails to deliver. The smaller map combined with its compact layout full of buildings often playing host to plenty of close-quarters chaos.

There have been a number of limited-time modes that have arrived for Rebirth Island and it appears that a brand-new LTM could be making an appearance in the not-too-distant future.

Nighttime modes are nothing new in Warzone with Verdansk already going dark but navigating Rebirth Island under the cover of darkness could well prove a welcome change to the smaller of the two Warzone maps on offer.

Here's everything you need to know about Rebirth Island's night mode!

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Latest News

New Images - 18th April

Twitter user @Just4leaks1 has shown off another night image of Rebirth Island.

Allegedly the variant of the map is "coming soon". However, no release date has been given officially, but we still may see the night mode release before Season 3.

Rebirth Night Coming Soon? - 9th April

According to @ZestyCODLeaks, the mode could be coming a lot sooner than people think.

Within the code added as part of the Season 2 Reloaded update, the mode will use the same intro as Season 2, meaning that it will likely release before Season 3.

Rebirth Island Night

Warzone Rebirth Island Night Time Mode Release Date Leaks
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According to @ZestyCODLeaks, a nighttime playlist name has been discovered within the files of the game.

The news is a development on the text files that featured a "Rebirth PM" tag were found within the files of the game back in February. The three pieces of text can be found below:

  • Sanctuary
  • Operation: Rebirth
  • Year 2021, T-5:00 until Containment Protocol

The last phrase is particularly interesting. Is Rebirth Island going to play a role in the destruction of Verdansk?

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Rebirth Island Night Images

Leaker @vanguardintel uncovered a number of images showing Rebirth Island in darkness which has added further fuel to the fire.

Rebirth Island Night Release Date

No official information surrounding the release of nighttime Rebirth Island has been revealed as of yet but considering there have been plenty of leaks surrounding the game mode, there is every chance it will feature before the end of Season 3.

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