NICKMERCS Kills His Entire Squad Distracting Them With His Delicious Kok (Doughnut) In Warzone

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff's chocolate dessert took over his Warzone game. They were sick and tired of hearing about the Kok (pronounced exactly as you'd expect). Because Nick was so enamored of it, he wreaked havoc on them, causing them to keep dying.

The entire video is hilarious, but two clips made me laugh a lot. There is no way anyone will let NICKMERCS bring up this issue in Warzone again because it made their game terrible. Both Kris' Swagg' Lamberson and Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar hated the dessert by the end.

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NICKMERCS loves this cream-filled Greek dessert called Kok. Apparently, and these are his words, he likes the chocolate ones over the strawberry kind. At one point, while talking about the cream-filled center, he licks his lips.

It's the best.

Here's the first clip, where they're already tired of him bringing it up. I mention it because it identifies what will happen in the video after the subject begins.

Then later, after he's effectively killed them all a few times, Nick takes the time to describe his dessert of choice. It's really… Detailed.

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If those were funny, you're going to love the video. Timestamp is 7:47

The dessert was named before the word became inappropriate. Still, it's always entertaining to watch a Warzone match spiral out of control over a simple conversation.

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