Warzone Streamer Reveals His Strategy To Win The Gulag “99.9%” Of The Time

There is a Warzone streamer named ‘Lucky Chamu’ who has the analytical skills of James ‘JGOD’ Godoy. Chamu goes into the shower Gulag and demonstrates how to win weapon by weapon. Does this apply to everyone? I believe it does.

You should be able to kill every single enemy you see unless you are unable to aim. It must have taken him dozens of warzone gulag fights to see patterns based on weapons. If you want to beat the enemy in the Gulag consistently, watch the video below. These are must-know strategies.

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Warzone Gulag Tips

He starts with his Warzone introduction, which you can skip by starting at 00:47. Following that, he goes over his weapons in order, which I have listed with times:

  • 0:47-2:16 Ironhide
  • 2:17-5:59 AMP
  • 6:00-6:51 QBZ
  • 6:52-8:24 Marshall
  • 8:25-9:42 MP5
  • 9:43-11:31 Ironhide
  • 11:32-13:44 Krig
  • 13:45-15:13 RPD

I recommend watching the first minute or so of Ironhide regardless of what weapon you are trying to master. Chamu starts by discussing the general strategy of the Gulag but will go on and on about the weapon.

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Props to my friend Theo Salaun, a talented writer from Dexerto for finding this clip!

Using these tricks, your enemy will not outdo you in the Warzone Gulag if you are good at shooting. In most cases, people die because they are outmaneuvered, so this will give viewers an advantage.

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