NICKMERCS Claims The C58 Still Dominates After Nerf

Raven Software does an exceptional job when it comes to dealing with the several bugs and glitches that seem to appear in Warzone on a regular basis. One of the issues that was quickly dealt with was to do with the popular C58 assault rifle which provided players with non-existent levels of recoil. Despite the nerf making many players alter their loadouts, Warzone content creator Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff claims that the rifle is still the best one to use when dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Since its addition at the start of Season 4, the C58 has quickly slotted into the metagame thanks to its high damage output and ease of control.

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Best Warzone Overkill Loadout

In a video posted on July 21st, Nick explained the thought process behind his claim that the C58 is still one of the best weapons of choice.

I've been testing a bunch of different guns," Nick stated. "The Bruen's back, the Grau's back, the M4 - all that stuff. After using all these different guns, I'm still sticking true to that C58 as my main."

Prior to Raven's nerf to the scope, the C58 hardly moved when players unleashed a wave of fully automatic fire onto an opponent. Even with an increase in recoil, the streamer is still standing by the rifle as his go-to weapon alongside another weapon more suitable for those hectic close-quarters engagements.

Alongside the C58, Nick has opted for the MAC-10 submachine gun as the perfect secondary weapon to complement the immense firepower of the assault rifle.

"These guns, in my opinion, are undefeatable." Nick reveals. "The C58 is for sure the main AR that everybody is using right now. Now the MAC-10 is something you can play around with a little bit," suggesting that there is still plenty of close-range weapon variety.

With more weapon tuning expected to take place when Season 5 begins, this particular Warzone loadout looks to be the best one to use for the next few weeks. Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming season of content by checking out our Season 5hub!

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