Call of Duty: Warzone

24 Feb 2021

New Warzone Lightning Spotted: Warzone Update, Weather Systems and More

Warzone has become one of the biggest games in the world within the last year. 

Activision plans to continue updating the game with new features and content. It seems this recent find from the community may be their next big update for Warzone.

Lightning Spotted 

The lightning, seen in the image below, was spotted by SavageSesh on Twitter

the addition of weather changing outside the map is a new addition to the game and hasn't been seen before now. However, it's still unclear whether the storm will make it's way to the playable area of the map.

Is this a small visual detail, or will we be getting a new update for Warzone?

New Weather System

Weather Systems would be a nice addition to Warzone as it would change up the way the game looks and feels. Some variety from game to game may keep Warzone feeling fresh and fun.

Dynamic weather can be seen across multiple games, including GTA, PUBG and other open-world titles. 

There's also a chance this cloud/lightning is simply a visual addition to improve immersion, but we hope Infinity Ward have bigger plans.

Next Update?

So, when can we expect to see weather systems in Warzone?

There's a chance it'll be added in the next update, however, this feature is more likely to be added with the new season which is expected to release later this month

We'll also be getting a host of new content in the next few weeks, so check out our piece on the upcoming season here

Would you like to see dynamic weather systems in Warzone?