Warzone Players Want Devs To Introduce More PVE Features

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One of the most awaited events for Warzone eventually paved the way for Call of Duty: Vanguard's worldwide reveal. The Battle of Verdansk saw players complete multiple tasks in the very first Warzone PvE event to unlock the trailer in the Battle of Verdansk. It started with 32 players on the same team against an AI-operated armored train.

PvE is a game mode which is known as player vs environment, that includes players against an AI-controlled system in the game.


All the players had to work together and communicate with each other in order to destroy the armored train. Once the train was destroyed, planes came flying across the sky eventually bombing down on players until the trailer was revealed.

The event was a huge success and this excitement led to players requesting the developers to add more PvE game modes in the future. Later on, fans started posting on Reddit how they enjoyed the PvE event and that Raven Software should consider designing more of them.

Many fans agreed to this post and were in favour of adding more PvE events in the future. Although, some of them had other ideas of their own and suggested some unique ones.


One of them even suggested having an Outbreak mode in Verdansk.

It will be quite interesting to see if the developers actually listen to the fans and introduce more PvE events in the coming months. Until then, we will have to wait and see if The Numbers event will feature any kind of PvE elements after the Battle of Verdansk proved extremely popular.