Raven Software Addresses Game-Breaking Warzone Menu Update Issue

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Ever since a Warzone update went live on September 23rd, a number of players have encountered a number of issues involving the battle royale's main menu screen. The final update of Season 5 Reloaded led to many claiming that they were impossible to navigate, making it very difficult to select a playlist, change an Operator, and even invite another player to their party.

As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 6, the community was beginning to wonder whether the slow menus would be addressed and after a week of silence, Raven Software has confirmed that it's looking into the issue.


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Warzone Menu Screen Lag

Warzone Captain Price Operator Sitting On Helicopter

On September 27th, Raven Software revealed that it is aware of the problems that are impacting Warzone's menus, much to the relief of players that are struggling to navigate around the game. It's currently unknown as to what has caused the drop in performance but the developer is looking into it after adding the problem to its Trello board.


The Operator tab of the menu appears to be causing problems for many players with one jokingly stating that "if you open the Operator tab today, you'll be able to change and start a match just in time for the next season." The problem is affecting all elements of the menu, with it taking longer than expected to open up a loadout.

When Will It Be Fixed?

Considering that this is a huge issue impacting players across all platforms, it's likely that Raven Software will be implementing a fix as quickly as possible. With the start of Season 6 right around the corner, it could come as soon as October 7th if not before.


While we wait for the menus to speed up, check out all of the new weapons and Operators that will be appearing in the upcoming season!