How To Complete The Lost Lion Warzone Easter Egg

Season 5 Reloaded for Warzone is well underway and as players continue to drop into Verdansk to see if anything has changed, some have already managed to uncover a brand-new Easter Egg involving the mysterious Red Doors that appear in various locations. The elaborate quest has appeared ahead of The Numbers mid-season event which begins on September 21st.

This particular quest involves players hunting for the grave of a king and those that manage to complete it can get their hands on an exclusive Calling Card and $5000 in cash. In this guide, find all the steps needed to complete the Lost Lion Easter Egg in Verdansk.

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Warzone Lost Lion Easter Egg

Lost Lion Weapon Blueprint Resting On Book
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The first step of the Easter Egg involves entering through one of the Red Doors. When inside the corridor, search for the "Adler" door which has no lightning bolts, and head through the door. When inside the station full of supply boxes, open them and look for the Cane blueprint known as the Lost Lion.

With the cane in hand, head to the graveyard and search the statues. When standing next to one of them, a prompt displaying three question marks will appear. Interact with the statue and a strange sound will begin to play shortly followed by the Calling Card appearing.

There you have it! It's a relatively straightforward Easter Egg but for those that want to unlock all kinds of cosmetics, it's one that is definitely worth completing. For a more visual guide, Easter Egg extraordinaire GeekyPastimes has created a handy video. Check it out below!

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