Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer: How to Unlock in Warzone and Vanguard

The Season 3 update for Vanguard and Warzone includes a wealth of brand-new guns and weapons, giving players even more choice when it comes to building the very best loadout. Melee weapons are often overlooked and despite this, developers continue to add new ones into multiplayer and the battle royale.

The most recent melee weapon to arrive is the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer, an excellent weapon to use in close-quarters situations where a single swing can make all the difference over the course of a match.

As the meta continues to evolve, there's a chance the Junkyard Jet could work its way into many loadouts across Vanguard and Warzone. With that said, find out how to unlock the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer in Vanguard and Warzone in this guide.

How To Unlock Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer

With the Nikita ATV and M1916 part of the Season 3 Battle Pass, unlocking the Junkyard Jet involves a different process. In order to unlock the standard Sledgehammer, you must complete an in-game challenge in either Vanguard or Warzone. Score a multikill with a melee weapon in 15 different matches.

For Vanguard, we recommend jumping into a Ship Haus 24/7 playlist or a Warzone Resurgence mode to stay in the action for as long as possible. It might take a while but if you're a fan of melee weapons, it's worth the grind.

If you're not a fan of grinding through challenges, the Junkyard Jet blueprint features in the Big Brawl cosmetics bundle. For a reasonable 1k COD Points, you can obtain the blueprint instantly alongside two Battle Pass Tier Skips.

Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer
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Credit: Screengrab via Activision

Compared to other weaponry in the arsenal, the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer gives players the ability to eliminate an opponent in one shot. The blueprint also comes with a weapon inspection, giving you a closer look at all the details.

This particular blueprint is one of the more unique offerings available in Warzone and Vanguard, and if you're a fan of collecting blueprints it's worth parting ways with your hard-earned points.

Is The Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer Good?

Other than looking significantly different to the standard Sledgehammer, the Junkyard Jet performs similarly to the rest of the weapons in the melee category. The ability to eliminate targets with a single hit is appealing but the lack of ranged performance does hold you back.

If you're looking for something unusual to use on Caldera, Rebirth Island, and multiplayer, the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer is a great option to use as part of a loadout. Just make sure you've picked the best Perks and Equipment for some additional advantages.

That's how to unlock the Junkyard Jet Sledgehammer in Warzone and Vanguard. Check out our dedicated pages for all the latest news, leaks, and guides for all areas of the Call of Duty franchise.

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