JGod Says This Field Of View Set-Up Increases K/D Ratio In Warzone

JGod looked at a tournament in Warzone to show why players are having difficulties when they increase Field of View (FOV). It seems obvious, increasing FOV increases how much you can see. There should be more opportunities for kills, but it seems to cause more problems.

In his presentation, JGod clarified why people have been ignoring other settings. JGod said that different Warzone settings need to be changed to get the best results from increasing FOV. Players can still get more kills, but he underplays it.

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Best Warzone Set Up For FOV

JGod describes a tournament he viewed, where each player had a different viewpoint. He explains the entire system using their experience along with his own. It's funny how many people have forgotten that changing one setting won't have the desired effect; all settings work together. Here is the video:

Start at 00:28

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Despite being very detailed, I understand that some people do not want to watch a video for answers. (In my opinion) the most important part of the video is the quote. There is more detail, and he goes into scenarios as well as how much K/D increases, but here is a quick summary:

"I think this gets a lot of confusion when you talk to people online… If you're on console, you're locked at 80 FOV and if you tried this on PC there would be no difference between independent and affected 80 FOV… I play at 110, there's no loss of aim assist if you go to a higher FOV. The big difference in this particular case is your sensitivity."

Using his example, if you are comfortable with 66 Sensitivity at 80 FOV, that should change with 120 FOV. The movement across your screen will be higher if you don't change the sensitivity, so it should be between 40-44 based on that increase. Always test the sensitivity with the FOV, or it might ruin your K/D instead of increasing it.

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