JGOD Explains Problems With Operation Monarch

After several weeks of teasers, Godzilla and Kong made their way onto Caldera as part of Operation Monarch in Warzone. With many expecting some kind of showdown, players were left with an underwhelming spectacle rather than an epic battle between the two titans.

While there are chances for players to shoot at the monsters, the event fails to live up to the high expectations of in-game events. The likes of NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect say the event is awful and it turns out they're not the only content creators to think that.

In a recent video, Warzone expert JGOD shares his thoughts on the event and why it could do more harm than good.

JGOD Says Operation Monarch "Flopped"

In a May 17 upload, the content creator critiques the lack of interaction between Godzilla and Kong during an Operation Monarch match. "They don't interact in any way, and a lot of times that they're not even close enough where you can use one's ability on the other."

To demonstrate what Raven Software could've done better, JGOD says more fighting and cutscenes would've added major improvements to the event.

Like many members of the community, JGOD compares Operation Monarch to the Fortnite in-game events that often introduce major changes to the game. "I think a lot of people would have preferred just to have that event."

In addition, the Warzone extraordinaire does acknowledge Operation Monarch is great for ranking up weapons quickly but other than that, the creator says the marketing didn't match the finished product.

Just like previous Warzone events, Operation Monarch is available for a limited time and comes to an end on May 25, just in time for the Season 3 Reloaded update.

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