JGOD Names Top 12 Weapons in Vanguard For Warzone Pacific Integration

To determine what the best weapon will be in the new integration of Warzone, James "JGOD" Godoy has created another spreadsheet. Vanguard will soon take over Warzone and update it with the new Pacific update, so people are trying to figure out what the Meta is. Only through examining Vanguard's new and changed weapons can we see what will rise to the top.

JGOD says that there is a whole kind of method for determining what makes a weapon meta. In his analysis, he considers qualities like the reload rate, TTK (Time to Kill), recoil, and many other factors. Below, we've listed the top 12 most likely weapons, a screenshot of his work, and the video.

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New Meta Warzone

Let's start with the video so you can hear how JGOD explains everything:

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Here is his list of the top 12 weapons, which will most likely be the next Meta:

  1. Automaton (Rifle)
  2. Volk (Rifle)
  3. PPSH-41 (SMG)
  4. Sten (SMG)
  5. M1928 Tommy (SMG)
  6. Type 100DP (SMG)
  7. DP27 (LMG)
  8. MG42 (LMG)
  9. Type 11 (LMG)
  10. G-43 (Marksman)
  11. Machine Pistol (Pistol)
  12. 1911 (Pistol)

Below is a screenshot that explains his math and reasoning. Putting all of this together, he took his time and considered many variables.

What do you think? are these the weapons to keep a lookout for or has JGOD missed a great opportunity with other weapons?

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