JGOD Shows New Fast Way To Level Up Weapons In Vanguard Zombies

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James 'JGOD' Godoy once said that Vanguard Zombies is not a good way to level up weapons. After some experimentation, he discovered how to level up weapons insanely fast. Furthermore, it's effortless because players can do it without dying with no problem.

The most significant complaint others have about his method is that it is repetitive. However, that is how most of these Vanguard strategies work; you repeat the same things repeatedly. Try this exploit as soon as you can, as Activision might patch it in the next update!

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Vanguard Zombies experience hack

JGOD realized that players gain a lot of experience from killing Vanguard zombies at any time. The first 35 zombies, which players can kill with melee in one hit, will give a lot of experience points. JGOD realized that he could exploit the system due to that concept.

It took him eight hours to level up three pistols to max level. Here's what he tweeted:

Players receive about 25 XP for killing zombies; let's say that players get one critical for each repeat (35 XP). Furthermore, let's assume that there are 35 zombies before the player needs to restart.

XP each round amounts to 885. The players will earn 17,700 XP per hour if it takes them 3 minutes to play through a round and restart. It guarantees XP, but it is very time-consuming just to not have fun the entire time.

What is your opinion? Could there be a better way to do this, or has JGOD struck gold in Vanguard?

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