Is The Ice Drake Warzone Blueprint Good?

Season 2 of Warzone is well underway.

As the Zombies continue to spread across Verdansk, Activision has unveiled some brand-new bundles that are available to purchase from the in-game store.

One of the bundles contains the Ice Drake blueprint for the Krig 6 assault rifle and is one of the most unique blueprints that has ever been seen in Call of Duty.

While it looks incredible, how does it perform on the battlefield?

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Is The Ice Drake Blueprint Good?


Ice Drake Warzone Blueprint
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It’s no secret that the Krig 6 isn’t one of the best weapons to be used on the streets of Verdansk or on Rebirth Island.

While all the animations that come with the blueprint look amazing, the poor output of damage means there are weapons that are far better when it comes to loadout selection.

If you do attempt to improve the performance of the weapon by equipping attachments, it does influence the appearance of the blueprint meaning it’s a compromise between equipping an incredibly cool blueprint and selecting attachments that will improve the overall performance of the rifle.

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How To Unlock Ice Drake Blueprint

The process of acquiring the Ice Drake blueprint is very straightforward.

The blueprint will be available in the store from March 18th and will cost a total of 2400 COD Points.

Compared to other bundles, the price may seem a lot but there are eight items included in the bundle, so there’s plenty of content on offer for the price.

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