Leak Reveals Warzone Iron Trials Mode Coming to Rebirth Island

Raven Software constantly adds a variety of new game modes into Warzone with some proving a hit and others receiving widespread backlash.

One mode that struck a chord with players was Iron Trials, a toned-down variation of standard the standard battle royale mode with changes such as increased sniper rifle damage and increases in health to increase the time to kill.

After a surprisingly long absence, a leak has revealed the popular mode could return in Season 2, utilising the smaller Rebirth Island map rather than the Pacific Island of Caldera.

Iron Trials Warzone Rebirth Island
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Warzone Iron Trials Rebirth Island

Notable Call of Duty leaker 'Real1tyUK' uncovered the mode within Warzone's files following a small update that took place on February 3. The data miner also uncovered information surrounding a seasonal event scheduled to take place in Season 2, alongside the addition of Bombers to the battle royale.

Along with an image that contained strings relating to portable Buy Stations and a range of new challenges, one particular line mentions "Rebirth Iron Trials." The information was corroborated by another notable leaker, TheGhostofHope, who has proven accurate in the past.

Warzone Iron Trials Rebirth Island Release Date

As always, it's important to take leaks of this nature with a pinch of salt but considering the presence of Iron Trials is within the Warzone files, it's likely that it will appear as part of the Season 2 update on February 14. It will be interesting to see whether Raven Software adds Resurgence rules to the mode for even more action during matches.

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