Warzone Players Want Iron Trials As Permanent Ranked Mode

The addition of Iron Trials into Warzone has been met with huge amounts of positivity from the community. The mode adds a twist onto the standard battle royale experience and includes increases to health, no Dead Silence or Stopping Power Rounds, and a limited selection of weaponry available in the Gulag. Many professional players have praised the new mode, as it creates an additional layer of strategy and tactics when it comes to taking down an opponent.

Warzone players have been requesting some kind of ranked playlist to be added into the battle royale and despite a lack of a competitive playlist, fans of Iron Trials are wanting the mode to be a permanent ranked mode.

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Warzone Iron Trials Ranked Mode

Warzone Iron Trials Mode
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A ranked playlist is nothing new in battle royale titles. The likes of Apex Legends has a dedicated competitive playlist featuring ranks and rewards and for several months, the Warzone community has been requesting a similar playlist in order to get their competitive fix. Reddit user 'oderabi' was one of the many that thought Iron Trials would be the perfect competitive mode for Warzone to have in a ranked playlist.

The user also claims that the addition of a ranked playlist to Warzone will make casual matches in Verdansk a lot less intense as the skilled players will be working their way through the new ranks in a bid to be matched with the very best in the world. With the mode gaining plenty of popularity since its arrival, it would be a questionable decision for Raven Software to remove the mode altogether. Whether the developer decides to implement a dedicated ranked playlist remains to be seen but with Call of Duty: Vanguard's integration fast approaching, there's a possibility of seeing one arrive towards the end of the year.

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