How to Unlock Vargo S in Warzone and Vanguard

Image showing Vargo S assault rifle on top of map
Credit: Activision

Image showing Vargo S assault rifle on top of map
Credit: Activision

New guns and weapons appear in the Warzone and Vanguard arsenals on a regular basis. With Season 4 Reloaded right around the corner, fans are turning their attention to the next batch of content arriving in the battle royale, multiplayer, and zombies.

Throughout Season 4, assault rifles (AR) have dominated the meta thanks to their laser-like accuracy and minimal damage drop-off. While the NZ-41 is in line for a hefty nerf, the mid-season update introduces a brand-new AR into the fray.

For fans of the Vargo 52 from Black Ops Cold War, this particular addition will seem rather familiar. Known as the Vargo S, this AR features impressive levels of accuracy and a solid rate of fire, allowing players to "excel in medium and long-range engagements." With that said, find out how to unlock the Vargo S in Warzone and Vanguard in this handy guide.

How to Unlock Vargo 52

If you want to save your hard-earned COD Points, you can get your hands on the Vargo 52 by completing an in-game challenge that will appear.

To unlock the rifle without spending any points, simply score 15 close-range kills in multiplayer. If you prefer to unlock the Vargo S playing Zombies, use assault rifles to kill 20 or more enemies without getting hit 50 times.

We recommend jumping into some Ship Haus 24/7 to complete the challenge as fast as possible.

Warzone and Vanguard Vargo S Bundle

If you don't want to spend any time working through a challenge, there's another way to unlock the Vargo S. However, it will cost you. List most guns that arrive as part of a mid-season update, a blueprint for the rifle will appear in a cosmetic bundle.

As the bundle contains a new weapon, the likely cost is 2400 COD Points which is approximately £17/$20.

To purchase the bundle, head to the store in either Vanguard or Warzone, select the bundle, and spend the points. The new content will arrive into your inventory instantly which is ideal for those that want to drop into matches with the Vargo S.

Image showing Vargo S assault rifle on grey background
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Credit: Activision

Is It Worth Unlocking The Vargo S?

If the Vargo S follows a similar trend to other new weapons that arrive into Warzone and Vanguard, spending some time completing the unlock challenge or forking out for the bundle will be worth it.

Typically, new arrivals dominate the meta for a good few weeks before developers intervene with a dose of weapon balancing so if you want to capitalise on what looks an immensely powerful mid-range AR, unlocking the Vargo S is definitely worth your time.

That's all there is to know about unlocking the Vargo S assault rifle in Vanguard and Warzone. For more Call of Duty content, be sure to check out our pages for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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