How To Turn Off Crossplay In Warzone And Black Ops Cold War

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Season 5 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and as attention turns to the next drop of content for both titles, Raven Software is still attempting to deal with the cheaters currently running rampant in Verdansk, much to the annoyance of the community. Despite the developer issuing regular ban waves, players have been turning off crossplay in order to avoid running into any cheaters during a match.

With more and more players utilising this technique to reduce the chances of encountering a cheater over the course of a match, many are wondering how to disable this feature on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Find out how to turn off crossplay in this article!

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What Is Crossplay?

Jackal Warzone Operator Clenching Fist
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Jackal Warzone Operator Clenching Fist

Crossplay arrived in the Call of Duty franchise with the release of Modern Warfare in 2019. The feature enables players to play with and against each other regardless of platform, uniting the player base in a way many thought was impossible. Players access Crossplay through their Activision Account while those that haven't opt-in cannot access this feature.

How To Disable Crossplay In Warzone

Warzone Crossplay Option Menu
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The process of disabling Crossplay in Warzone is incredibly simple. While it may increase queuing times, the likelihood of encountering cheaters will be significantly less. Here's how to turn off Crossplay:

  • Load into Warzone
  • Select the 'Options' tab
  • Head to the 'Account' tab
  • Change the Crossplay option from 'Enabled' to 'Disabled'

PlayStation players are the only ones that can turn off Crossplay in Warzone, meaning Xbox and PC players will have to turn the feature back on before the matchmaking process begins.

How To Disable Crossplay In Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Crossplay Menu
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Just like Warzone, turning off Crossplay in Black Ops Cold War is just as easy. Even though the likelihood of running into cheaters on multiplayer is much less than when dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, it's a sure-fire way to guarantee cheat-free matches. Here's how to disable Crossplay in Cold War:

  • Load into Black Ops Cold War multiplayer
  • Head to 'Settings'
  • Navigate to the 'Account & Network' tab
  • Switch Crossplay from 'Enabled' to 'Disabled

There you have it! That's how to turn off Crossplay in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. For more Warzone intel, find out everything you need to know about Season 5by checking out our dedicated hub.

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