How To Get The Combat Bow Killstreak In Warzone

The Combat Bow is now available in Warzone with the new Season 3 Reloaded update.

Wielded expertly by Rambo, this 80's Action Hero weapon is now available as a new killstreak.

It's been a while since Warzone saw a new killstreak, but it's interesting to see such an iconic weapon make it into the game.

Given it's already part of the Cold War scorestreak arsenal, it's nice to see it added.

Here's how to get it for yourself.

How To Get The Combat Bow In Warzone

To get the Combat Bow Killstreak, you will likely need to find it in special loot crates.

We can imagine this weapon will be more commonly found at Rambo Survival Camps. These are placed around the map, with 10 in total being available.

There's a possibility these will be available to purchase at buy stations, but given the 80's Action Hero theme, it's likely they will be found in locations that fit the theme.

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