How To Get The Combat Bow In Warzone

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The beginning of Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is just around the corner and as players start to look forward to the release of the mid-season update, a range of brand-new content is set to arrive in the battle royale.

The release of the update features a range of 80s-themed additions, including new points of interest, new Operators, and a brand-new limited-time event focusing on the additions of John Rambo and John McClane.


One of the new pieces of content is an addition to the Killstreak arsenal and although it may not be as effective as a Precision Airstrike or UAV, it could lead to some incredible highlights when in the right hands.

Here's how to get the Combat Bow in a Warzone match.

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How To Get The Combat Bow In Warzone

Considering that Killstreaks can only be acquired in Buy Stations and in Legendary Supply Boxes, it's relatively straightforward to get your hands on the Combat Bow.


As of writing (May 18th), the Killstreak hasn't arrived in Warzone just yet, but we can expect it to cost around $3000 which is around the same value as the RC-XD.

Compared to how useful some of the other Killstreaks are, the likelihood of the Combat Bow having a significant impact on the Warzone metagame is slim.

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Is It Good?

Warzone Combat Bow Killstreak

It may not have the same large-scale impact as a Precision Airstrike but the Combat Bow could well be the ideal tool to disable and destroy any vehicles that could head your way over the course of a match.

Vehicles are a huge part of the battle royale and having a Killstreak that could easily destroy a Cargo Truck can easily swing a game in your favour.


If you're extremely accurate, the bow could be effective in close-range scenarios but being able to react quickly against the powerful submachine guns could prove to be tricky.

Although it might be difficult to score kills with, there is plenty of potential to score some eliminations that are worthy of the highlight reel.