How to Download Warzone on PC

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is well underway and with the battle royale being available across a wide variety of platforms, many gamers looking to drop into Caldera for the very first time will be considering downloading the battle royale on their PCs.

The process of downloading the game is incredibly straightforward but it can be tricky for new players attempting to navigate their way to the download link. In order to make this process much easier, we've created an easy-to-understand walkthrough to ensure the download begins as quickly as possible. With that said, here's how to download Warzone on PC.

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How To Download Warzone

How To Download Warzone on PC
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Before we tell you how to download Warzone on PC, be sure to check that you've got enough space on your hard drive as the full game is over 50 GB in size. Once you've double-checked, here's where to find the download link:

  1. Open or download the launcher.
  2. Once open, head to Blizzard's download page and head to the "partnered games" section where Warzone will be.
  3. Select Warzone and begin the download for your operating system.
  4. Wait for it to download. Once it's finished, hit the play button to get into the action!

Is Warzone Free?

Yes! Warzone is completely free to play for everyone, making it the first premium Call of Duty title to be available for all, regardless of platform. As with many free-to-play titles, there are several in-game purchases that can be made ranging from new Battle Passes and weapon blueprints to defeat the opposition. Other than that, the base version of the game requires no cost at all.

There you have it, that's how to download Warzone on PC. For more useful tips, check out our beginners guide along with the best loadouts to use on the island of Caldera.

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