Streamers Lash Out at Hacker Infestation and Lack of Solutions in Warzone

Several streamers, pros, and content creators have recently lashed out at the shabby state of Warzone and the lack of solutions to check its ever-growing hacker infestation. Some of the most prominent names like 100 Thieves Co-Owner, Jack "Courage" Dunlop, updated on Twitter about uninstalling COD: Warzone.

The promise of Caldera was supposed to resolve most problems but failed to live up to the expectations as hackers still run rampant in the popular battle royale. It's not just Warzone that is under the radar here but the entire COD franchise, including the CDL.

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Streamers mass exodus from Warzone following hacker infestation and Caldera bugs

The integral problem with COD right now is the lack of communication between the community and the developers. The solidarity and unanimity between streamers on this subject show how this is a game that everyone cherishes and would hate to see getting overrun by hackers.

In his tweet, popular streamer Aydan Conrad highlighted how the problem surrounds every aspect of Call Of Duty games, from Challengers to the League itself. Community expert James 'JGOD' Godoy also motivated fans to find better games since Warzone isn't exactly fun anymore.

Aydan also highlighted how 100K tournaments are still ongoing even when the game is in complete shambles. The new map, Caldera, seems to be a work in progress, far away from completion and released early just to give players another false hope. The ongoing hacker infestation combined with relentless bugs on Caldera has forced countless players to quit the game.

In light of this recent movement, several popular streamers and community experts have claimed to leave COD for good. It seems that a section of the community has shifted to better games, while the rest endure these griefing lobbies hoping for the new anti-cheat to work sn.

Below is a video highlighting the current situation with Warzone:

RICHOCHET is currently active in North America, and we will have to wait before coming to a definitive conclusion about its veracity. Regardless, streamers like Courage, Aydan, and several others have now officially moved beyond Warzone for a better gaming experience!

What is your opinion on the current state of Warzone, Challengers League, and the CDL? Do you think it's ideal to host 100K tournaments right now and how do you see the new anti-cheat RICHOCHET changing everything?

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