Players Share Frustrations Following Warzone Hacker Increase

The ongoing battle between Activision, Raven Software, and Warzone hackers continues to roll on as attention turns towards the launch of Season 4.

Players are never afraid to share their thoughts on the current state of the game. With cheating slowly diminishing, some members of the community are asking the developer to nerf the Serpentine Perk to restore some balance to the game.

Hacking within the battle royale decreased following the launch of Ricochet anti-cheat but some players believe an increase in the number of cheaters has taken place.

Warzone Hackers are Increasing

Following the Season 3 Reloaded update, numerous players claim more hackers are appearing on Caldera and Rebirth Island. Reddit user "No-Plane-4117" describes encountering a player with over 20 kills using weapons with no attachments.

After deciding it "wasn't my day," the player claims a new wave of cheats have arrived in Warzone which explains the sudden uptick of hackers gaining an unfair advantage.

Although Ricochet is designed to stop cheaters from using their third-party software during matches, some slip through the net. The appearance of new cheats means the anti-cheat needs some time to swing the ban hammer once more in order to keep cheating at a minimum.

The team behind Ricochet claim Warzone cheating is at an "all-time low," which is great news for legitimate players attempting to become the last one standing.

While Ricochet catches up with the latest uptick of hackers, make sure to report any suspicious players using the in-game reporting tool.

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