"Guess what? I'll do it again!" Hacker In Warzone Is Not Afraid of Getting Caught

In Warzone, how difficult is it to identify hackers? Despite some people jumping to the conclusion that even the professionals hack, it isn't as simple as watching gameplay. Not many people are so bold, which is why so much goes into accusations.

LemonSnipezz didn't care that he was called out for his actions. There is an entire Reddit thread, and online posts about his actions did not worry him. In his own words, "Guess what? I'll do it again!"

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Warzone Hackers

Hacks in Warzone are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They've reached the point where players can actually cover up their tracks. They can all make it invisible if they wish--or not.

U/geek4life91 posted a Reddit post about catching a hacker in Warzone. Upon being caught, the hacker did not care and went to show off all of his hacks.

The Reddit post was taken down, here is the link.

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Lemonsnipezz has 14 days left on his subscription at the time of writing this post. Cheating is taken seriously by Twitch, and people have been banned before. While they may not lose revenue if they restart, they will never have a chance to become a partner.

To quote the cheater:

"Hey bro, guess what, and I'd do it again… Guess what? And I'll do it again! I got 14 days left and I'll do it again. I will do it again."

Lemonsnipezz's account has disappeared at the time of writing. Moderators have also removed the Reddit post.

With its new anti-cheat system, Vanguard cannot arrive soon enough. At this point, cheaters are openly participating, which means it's the Wild West in Warzone. Thanks to Dexerto for calling attention to this cheater.

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