Free Warzone Hacks Causing Increase In Cheaters

Image showing Warzone players shooting from armoured truck
Credit: Activision

The launch of Warzone Season 4 saw the arrival of another batch of brand-new content much to the delight of players. As many continue to look for the best Fortune's Keep landing spots, the number of cheaters is on the rise.

With Season 4 Reloaded on the horizon, cheaters manage to use wallhacks and aimbots to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition.

Despite Ricochet anti-cheat disarming cheaters, hackers continue to slip through the net and ruin matches. After players shared their frustration with a sudden increase in cheaters, some have discovered a reason behind more hackers dropping into the action.

Free Hacks Causing Warzone Cheater Increase

Throughout the majority of the Pacific era, the number of Warzone cheaters was on the decline but in the early weeks of Season 4, players start to notice more players using hacks to access inhuman levels of accuracy.

In a bid to uncover the sudden rise in cheaters, a commenter on a Reddit post from 'elSteele25' reveals a well-known cheat provider is offering free cheats for a limited period of time.

"Engineowning Hack company is giving out a free wall hack this weekend for the fourth!! that's why," says the commenter. With the July 4 celebrations out the way, there's a chance the ban hammer will swing again in order to restore order to Warzone lobbies.

This is a familiar cycle. New cheats often appear at the start of a season and by the end of it, Ricochet manages to prevent them from causing chaos in future matches. Let's hope the anti-cheat can keep control of the problem before it gets out of hand.

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