Warzone Fortune's Keep Map Size: How Big Is The New Map?

Image showing Warzone players battling outside buildings
Credit: Activision

Raven Software is no stranger to introducing new maps to Warzone. As attention turns towards the launch of Season 4, the Fortune's Keep map will make its debut within the battle royale.

Alongside the new map, additions to the ever-expanding weapon arsenal are likely along with new Operators and a Battle Pass packed with 100 tiers of content. While some players are unhappy with the potential disappearance of Rebirth Island, others want to know more about the Fortune's Keep map size.

An overview of the new map shows it's smaller than the Pacific island of Caldera but how does it compare to its likely replacement? Find all we know about the Fortune's Keep map size and a Rebirth Island size comparison in this guide.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Map Size

After individual pieces of the map slowly slotted into place, Warzone content creator JGOD managed to use a scale to determine the Fortune's Keep map size.

In addition, they also applied the scale to Rebirth Island, enabling some kind of early comparisons between the two maps.

After some adjusting, JGOD comes to the conclusion that there's no correlation between the scale and in-game distances meaning there's a chance that Fortune's Keep is nearly twice the size of Rebirth Island.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Rebirth Island Comparison

Another attempt at a comparison found its way onto the Warzone Reddit, with user "Dro2910"s matching the roads of Fortune's Keep to those on Rebirth Island.

Although the methods are different, this particular comparison shows the new map is slightly bigger than the current iteration of Rebirth Island.

When Season 4 launches, we will have a better idea of the size of Fortune's Keep but with these current comparisons, we can assume the map is larger than Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island currently holds up to 40 players for a single match of Resurgence and with a larger map, there's a chance the fast pace will slow down. Along with a slower pace, there's even more ground to cover which could encourage players to camp rather than constantly engage with the opposition.

Thankfully, Season 4 is right around the corner so there isn't long to wait until we find out more about Fortune's Keep and the future of Rebirth Island.

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