Warzone Players Slam Potential Removal of Rebirth Island

Image showing Warzone players on Rebirth Island
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players on Rebirth Island
Credit: Activision

While developers switch the main Warzone map with the integration of a new title, Rebirth Island is a staple of the battle royale. The map plays host to faster gameplay in addition to a smaller battleground so the action never stops.

With the launch of Season 4 on the horizon, Raven Software plans on releasing a brand-new map known as Fortune's Keep. The new island is smaller than Caldera, meaning it could replace Rebirth Island.

Considering the huge popularity of Rebirth, players are not happy with Raven Software's potential decision to remove it from Warzone in favour of Fortune's Keep.

Warzone Players Angry With Rebirth Island Removal

Other than an overview and a list of points of interest (POI), there's little information on what Fortune's Keep includes. So far, we know the map is arriving in Season 4 but there's no confirmation if the map is replacing Rebirth Island.

Despite this, several players are expressing their frustrations regarding the possibility of Rebirth disappearing altogether. Reddit user "IAmZaid321" claims Rebirth Island is the "only thing keeping this game afloat."

After three full seasons, it's fair to say Caldera hasn't met the high expectations of the community. The Pacific island often contains a range of bugs and glitches alongside an ever-changing meta that often features one or two overpowered weapons.

Other members of the community are sharing similar opinions. One user says removing Rebirth Island will "kill the game." Warzone's player numbers are dwindling. In the past 12 months, the battle royale and the rest of the Call of Duty franchise saw a 50 million player decline.

Is Rebirth Island Leaving Warzone?

It's unclear if Rebirth Island is disappearing from Warzone. Considering the battle royale only has two playable maps at any one time, there is a chance it will disappear.

If Fortune's Keep is part of a limited-time event, the map may return in Season 5 but for now, the new map is here to stay.

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