Explosions To Start Hitting Verdansk

Season 2 of Warzone is about to reach the halfway point and while the horde of the undead continues visiting various locations across Verdansk, a new message of the day has revealed that some kind of explosions will begin to hit the map in the not-too-distant future.

It’s widely believed that the current season will be the last one that features Verdansk before it makes way for a brand-new map set within the Ural Mountains.

The release of the new map was initially meant to happen close to Warzone’s first anniversary but has been pushed back until the end of April and the start of Season 3.

Here’s absolutely everything that you need to know about the explosions.

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Warzone Explosions

First spotted by @TheMarkOfAHero, the message reveals that an unknown force is destroying the southwest zone of the map, meaning the Novi Grazna Hills and the western part of the Barakett Promenade could well disappear from the map altogether.

Warzone Explosions Hitting Soutwest Part of Verdansk
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The message also states that rewards can be earned when attempting to find out what is causing the explosions. Is there another limited-time event arriving?

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The Beginning Of the End?


Warzone Explosions To Begin At Southwest Side Of Verdansk
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The total destruction of Verdansk has been teased in one way or another since the discovery of a nuclear missile within the confines of Bunker 10. The start of Season 2 continued to tease an explosive ending to the Warzone map when open silos containing missiles primed for launch appeared in a number of different locations.

The presence of Zombies still coincides with the belief that they will completely overrun the map, leading to the launch of the missiles but with explosions already starting, is a new enemy about to become the catalyst for widespread destruction?

New Warzone LTM Release Date

A release date for this unnamed LTM has yet to be revealed but with the mid-season update right around the corner, expect more teasers to drop in the coming days.

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