Dr Disrespect Says Warzone Is In A "Horrific" State

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Popular content creator Dr. Disrespect has often expressed his opinions on a number of topics within the gaming community. The two-time video game world champion regularly tells the Champions Club what he would do in order to improve a particular title and on this occasion, the Doc has taken aim at Call of Duty publisher Activision and the current state of Warzone.

Known for his violence, speed, and momentum on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the content creator often expresses his frustration with numerous elements of the battle royale and in a Twitter post, he has labelled the current state of the game as "horrific," much to the delight of his fans and the millions of players that are beginning to grow tired of the bugs and lack of anti-cheat.


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Warzone Is In A "Horrific" State

The video shows the Doc sporting a sharp shirt and shorts combination calling out the Warzone publisher.

"What are we going to do about this Activision?" the two-time questions. "What are we going to do?!

While the content creator doesn't specify what Activision should "do," it's more than likely that it's to do with the lack of anti-cheat within the game. Hackers have proven to be a huge problem in Warzone over the past few weeks despite the best efforts of Raven Software, which has been swinging the ban hammer once again. Even though the ban waves are positive, the lack of dedicated anti-cheat working around the clock means that huge numbers of cheaters are still capable of gaining unfair advantages during a match.


It's not just the cheaters that are negatively impacting Warzone. Season 4 has been littered with various bugs and glitches, some of which had been fixed several months ago. With this latest outcry from one of YouTube's biggest content creators, will Activision finally intervene with some more robust fixes to prevent the state of Warzone from deteriorating any further?