Warzone Players Demand Changes To "One-Way" Railings Bug

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Despite being one of the most popular battle royale titles in the genre, Warzone is becoming synonymous for its bugs, glitches, and exploits that seem to appear on a daily basis. Despite Raven Software and Activision's best efforts to deal with the issues, Season 4 Reloaded has been filled with new and returning bugs, much to the annoyance of the often-vocal player base.

As focus begins to switch towards the launch of Season 5, players are expressing their frustrations once again after yet another game-changing bug was discovered. This time around, the problem involves railings that often appear at the top of staircases.


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Warzone One-Way Railings Bug

The bug involves players being unable to shoot through the staircase railings if an opponent is standing behind it or on the other side of the railing, one player will be able to shoot through while the other has no chance whatsoever. Reddit user 'Academic_Pirate" posted a clip of the bug in action.


While many users confirmed that they had also encountered this bizarre bug, others weren't surprised that yet another Warzone bug had been discovered. "Are you saying that we should have fun and realistic games to play?" One user commented.

Even though some are claiming that the bug is unrealistic considering that there are numerous gaps in between each of the rails, surely players should be able to shoot through them and deal some amount of damage even if it is reduced? Nonetheless, the problem is yet another issue for Raven Software to deal with after winners of the Gulag were being redeployed into the toxic gas, giving them no chance of getting back into the action.

When Will It Be Fixed?

As more players continue to express their frustrations on this particular issue, it's likely that Raven Software will become aware of it. Whether the developer will implement a fix for the bug is another matter but considering it is preventing players from having a fair fight against each other, some kind of fix could appear in an upcoming update.