Dr Disrespect Says Warzone Matches Are "Boring"

Image showing Dr Disrespect in front of dark window
Credit: Dr Disrespect

Image showing Dr Disrespect in front of dark window
Credit: Dr Disrespect

Content creator Dr Disrespect is never afraid to share their thoughts on the gaming landscape. Whether it's PUBG, Apex Legends, or Warzone, the streamer has played nearly every single battle royale title in the genre.

Alongside showcasing their skills in various games, the two-time gaming champion is in the process of developing their own game currently known as Project Moon.

The Pacific era of Warzone hasn't proven popular with many players, including the Doc. After saying the game is "boring," the streamer suggests slight changes to improve the battle royale that's preparing to enter Season 4 Reloaded.

Dr Disrespect Asks For Faster Warzone Matches

Known for their unique brand of violence, speed, and momentum, Dr Disrespect makes one small suggestion that could improve the current pace of Warzone matches on Caldera.

During a July 15 stream, the streamer attempted to score a victory as part of a triple threat challenge. As their frustrations started to grow, they say tweaks to the circle closure speed can improve solo matches.

This isn't the first time the speed of zones has annoyed the Doc. During the Verdansk era of Warzone, they raised the same concerns. In addition to faster closing speeds, the Doc also wants more bounties to appear across Caldera, acting as an incentive for players to go for kills rather than hugging the edge of the zone.

"I feel like the speed of the game and the circles have got to be bumped up, and then just flood the map with bounties."

Raven Software continues to take community feedback on board so there's always a chance the demands of the Doc appear in an upcoming update.

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